Thursday, August 19, 2010

Many Thoughts

I have a lot of feelings and thoughts running through me at the moment. Happy, sad, blessed, frustrated . . . It is strange how they can all happen at the same time. I am happy and blessed to have my husband that cares for me so deeply, also to have the privilege of watching my younger sister grow into a responsible young woman. Sad and frustrated that my body will not cooperate and feel better. I am so tired of being sick and tired. This illness has outstayed it's welcome . . . it has been 20 years.
For once I want to be able to plan to do normal daily activities without having to gauge how I might be feeling or prepare by resting up several days ahead of time. As of now I just continue to take the days as they come and pray. I know that I am at this place in my life at this time for a reason . . . I will believe and rest in that.

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